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"Men After The Heart Of God"

Teaching men how to become effective fathers, husbands, and individuals in Christ through the word of God.

Women's Ministry

"Equipped From the Inside Out"

Strengthening and encouraging women to grow spiritually and identify their God-given significance.

Measures of Wisdom Ministry

Promotes spiritual awareness to Seniors 50 and older, thriving through the Word of God.

Helps Ministry

Provides valuable support to the IHICM congregation and surrounding community through serving.

  • Hospitality Ministry

  • Usher's Ministry

  • Membership Support Ministry

The Gathering™

The place where men are. Where cost comes second to cause. 1 Thessalonians 5:12 

Married Couples for Christ Ministry

Helping couples to grow as one through the word of God.

Youth Ministries

Empowering the youth through Word and fellowship

  • Young Adult (ages 18-35)

  • M.O.D. Squad (Masters of Destiny) -Young men destined to impact the Kingdom

  • Precious Gems - Young ladies recognizing and understanding who they are in Christ.

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